Solitaire Suite

By Hub Theatre Company of Boston (other events)

4 Dates Through Feb 27, 2021

Driving through the suburban countryside in the middle of the night, Celeste, Pete, and their son Tiger encounter a mysterious object on the side of the road that will transform their lives forever. Told from the point of view of Celeste, the events of the evening take on an otherworldly implication as the night grows increasingly eerie and unsettling — until it is too late. At once a haunting meditation on the place of the unknown in our lives as well as a searing indictment on the dangers of not listening to women, Solitaire Suite is a new kind of play for a new kind of theater experience. 

This time the best seat in the house is in your house!

Featuring:  Michael Lin, Cristhian Mancinas-García and Marty Mason

All tickets are Pay-What-You-Can!  This means we don't set the price, you do! Our "sweet spot" is $20. per person but if you are on a budget- no worries -pay less! However, if you are able and would like to pay more, we will gratefully accept it!

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